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Sustainable Advancements provides advisory  in the areas of impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation, policy formulation, creation of white papers to name a few in the domain of sustainability, corporate social responsibility, responsible leadership and allied fields to various  stakeholder groups that include corporates, academic institutions, civil societies both in India and abroad to name some. 


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US Consulate Hyderabad alongwith KIIT through the AWE programme empowers female entrepreneurs to develop their business acumen and achieve strong and sustainable business growth and reduce inequality between the genders and close the gender pay gap.


Sustainable Advancements is the Monitoring and Evaluation partner to the AWE programme and helps the programme to be on track with it's objectives.

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The Regional Startup Network aims to Build the entrepreneurial capacity in the Indo-pacific countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal, strengthen in-country network and increase regional engagement and interconnectedness through entrepreneurial activities for a strong Indo-pacific regional economy.

Dr. Nayan Mitra is the Monitoring and Evaluation partner of this programme and helps the programme to be on track with it's objectives.

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At Sustainable Advancements, we are deeply committed to fostering collaboration with the Empower Foundation, with a shared objective of community empowerment. This collaborative effort is centred around three key initiatives championed by the Empower Foundation: Badlaav, Kiran, and Sankalp;

Badlaav: Transforming Lives through Literacy: This initiative provides functional literacy to identified communities, enabling participants to read and write in their regional language.

Kiran: Illuminating Paths to Empowerment: Kiran is about identifying community concerns, raising awareness about fundamental rights, breaking the silence on social taboos, and enhancing participants' capacity to stand against exploitation.

Sankalp: Empowering Through Skills and Opportunities: Sankalp focuses on providing essential skills and training to prepare individuals for the job market, connecting them with suitable job opportunities, supporting entrepreneurial aspirations, and offering mentorship for success.


As an Impact Assessment partner, through rigorous documentation, in-depth research, and thoughtful consultation, Sustainable Advancements promote the understand, analyse and recommend on the impact of each of these initiatives.

Sustainable Advancements is the CSR Consultant to Clinisys.  Since the year 2021, Sustainable Advancements has helped Clinisys in their strategic initiatives such as 'Ayurjanani' and 'Jeevanam' to forward their CSR vision.

The 'Jeevanam' project, an integral part of Clinisys's CSR efforts, has a primary objective of ensuring environmental sustainability, maintaining ecological equilibrium, safeguarding the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, promoting agroforestry, conserving natural resources, and upholding the quality of soil, air, and water. 
'Ayurjanani,' on the other hand, is dedicated to promoting women's healthcare and combating anemia, aligning with the aspirations of SDG 3, which seeks to advance 'Good health and well-being.' 

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