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Sustainable Advancements is the exclusive partner of Visionpluschange, a trademark of UBB, GmbH, Germany for assessment and training in the areas of sustainable development in India and Bangladesh.

UBB was founded in 1997 from financial experts as a pure consultant company, but, over the years, it has gradually expanded to show organizations a visionary path to excellence. Thus, the trademark Visionpluschange was born.


Alexander Herzner has been the CEO of UBB since 2013 and focuses on enabling organizations develop their own path to excellence. This is in line with the vision of the company, which is: We want to create Excellence everywhere. So, Your Excellence is our Mission.


UBB provides in-house trainings on strategy, sustainability, change and organizational development, assesses for excellence, creates individual management systems, Start-Up and entrepreneur consultancy, Business Model Creation and evaluation.


Visionpluschange, CASO (Certified Assessor for Sustainable Organisation) are Service Marks of UBB, Germany.

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