Sustainable Advancements is the brainchild of Dr. Nayan Mitra, who, very early on realized that the various stakeholders in a social structure do not communicate with each other. Hence, there is discord and inequality.  It was her dream to bring these components together to have a common understanding of the real issues that faces the world today and thereby, make lasting differences in the lives of mankind for generations to come.

Through Sustainable Advancements, she has been able to bring together an eclectic team of advisors, expert committee members and partner organisations from different walks of life to celebrate diversity by collaborating, learning, working together and delivering quality services.

Sustainable Advancements broadly aims to promote the 5Ps of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or the Global Goals, viz. people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships (as laid down by the United Nations).


This is done through a two-pronged approach - Advocacy and Implementation that aids in bridging the gap between ideas and actions, communities and businesses, India and rest of the world, thus bringing about holistic development.

Our vision is to bring together and work in collaboration with the different stakeholders in the society, for the society, to bring about peace, prosperity and continuity.


* Sustainable Advancements (OPC) Private Limited.

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