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Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee is widely acclaimed as the Father of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India. He was instrumental in framing and issuing the CSR guidelines for Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) in April 2010. Thereafter, he played a major role in the inclusion of Section 135 in the Indian Companies Act of 2013 and in the framing of the rules thereafter.


As the D.G & CEO of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), he spearheaded the National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (NFCSR). He has spoken and lectured about CSR and Sustainability at a very large number of National and International fora over the last five years and is acknowledged as the primary force for bringing a new paradigm to the realm of CSR and providing it with an innovative and strategic vision.  


Dr. Chatterjee is also a widely acclaimed management practitioner, theorist and teacher. He has written and lectured over many years on issues of social and sustainable development, corporate responsibility and human resources.


He joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1975 and has held many distinguished positions. In 2008-09, he was Principal Adviser in the Planning Commission. Here he was deeply involved with a number of micro and macro-economic measures. He was also a part of the team responsible for shaping India’s response to the global economic crisis of 2009.


He was Secretary, in the Department of Public Enterprises, Govt. of India, from Nov 2009 to Sept 2011 and it was here that he was instrumental in framing the CSR Guidelines for the Public Sector in India.


Dr. Chatterjee has most recently authored his latest Book entitled “Sustainable Futures - Imperatives for Managing the Social Agenda”.  In this book, Dr. Chatterjee shows how governments, corporates and civil society organizations can synergize their efforts to build a whole new paradigm of development that is sustainable, humanistic and inclusive.


Dr. Chatterjee is closely associated with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles of Responsible Management Education. He coordinates closely with the United Nations Global Compact (of which he is a Council Member for India) and with other Institutes and Business Schools which espouse the cause of Responsible Management Education. His long association with CSR and Sustainability enables him to spearhead the current movement in India which integrates and inter-twines the Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles of Responsible Management Education.


He currently also heads up the National Sectional Committee on the Development of Standards at the Bureau of Indian Standards, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India. Here, is putting final shape to the development of a framework of Standards for India in the domains of ‘CSR Implementation’, ‘Auditor Qualifications for Extra Financial Audits of Companies’ and ‘Anti-Corruption’. Finally, he is also “Adviser” to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry on the subjects of CSR and Sustainability.

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