Sustainable development is not just a thought or an action, it is a belief, a philosophy, a way of life! But, due to the fast pace of the world, we tend to forget this.


Sustainable Advancements aim to bridge this gap by means of knowledge dissemination, product development and community outreach programmes. The purpose is to make a better, brighter world for generations to enjoy.  

Sustainable Advancements delivers world-class teaching, custom-made coaching in the areas of sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Leadership using latest original and evidence-based scholarly materials and enriches public discourse through forums, conferences, peer-to-peer exchange and expert-to-practitioner dialogue.


Sustainable Advancements  conducts, among others, Monitoring and Evaluation, Impact Assessment studies to name a few. It has a nationally and internationally acclaimed expert committee, who is equipped to deliver some of the best consultancy services, create white papers in the areas of organisation-specific CSR,  Sustainability and Responsible Leadership; as well as structure and deliver need-based documentation.


Sustainable Advancements conducts action-based research on a plethora of sustainability related issues pan India, including, but not limiting to women based topics, various aspects of supply chain  assessments  and creation of white papers and professional reports for public dissemination for awareness and action. 


Sustainable Advancements not only creates evidence based publications for action; but promotes publications in the areas of Responsible Leadership and Sustainable Management as well as on CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance.

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Sustainable Advancements  works directly with the grass roots micro-enterprises and helps them produce eco-friendly and up-cycled products, that help preserve the environment, as well as bring about social and economic transformation for a better world.

Earth Restore, a Sustainable Advancements initiative, calls for actioning our responsibilities over rhetoric; of changing behaviours; of taking small but decisive steps, however minuscule that might be; to give back to the planet what we have snatched from her. Earth Restore represents the power of action over thought!

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